Only and at first the right mix makes the right concrete flooring screed..

   We working with future-proof building materials and technologies for screed and flooring industry.

   Our services in the sector of screed are :

  • Residential Flooring Technology
  • Basement floor screeds - Screed balcony - Garage floor screeds
  • Base lines for floor screeds of all kinds
  • Flooring technology in the public and commercial building construction
  • Laminated flooring
  • Flooting screed
  • Heating screed - ( Special screed designed for underfloor heating )
  • Lightweight screed
  • Industrial floor
  • Anhydrite screed
  • Calcium Sulfate floor screed
  • Epoxy flooring
  • Dry screed
  • Cement screed
  • Sanding and repair of screed floors

   Screed is not the same screed..

   It must be used depending on the background, purpose and type of load of different screed materials.
   Also the cost, nature of space and available time is a important concern.

   If you have furthe questions about flooring, we will help at any time.
   We can also offer a comprohensive consultation at your place.