It is the correct plastering that brings your building to shine and protecting it at the same time..

   We working with future-proof building materials and technologies of exterior and interior plaster.

   The modernization and repair of building facades replaced the building structure and thus the
   value of your property.


   Our services in exterior and interior plastering are :

  • Exterior plastering
  • Interior plastering
  • Mineral plaster
  • Silicon resin plaster
  • String plaster
  • Scratch plaster
  • Roll-On plaster
  • Platering work

   Depending of the surface condition of the facade and building it must be used different materials.
   Choosing the rigth plastering and building materials are important concerns.

   If you have furthe questions about plastering, we will help at any time.
   We can also offer a comprohensive consultation at your place.